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Musicclub Italy proclaimed "Negovan's music is to contemporary music what vapor is to machinery." Nightclub impresario Jerry Suqi described Negovan's acoustic performances as "a chilling mix of Byron, Brahms, and Bowie."


In 2011, Negovan released an album recorded wholly without electricity on a 19th century machine created by Thomas Edison, and gave a TEDx talk on its creation. That same year he recorded and released a song on the world's first recording and playback medium, wax cylinder–the first person to have done so since 1924.


Praise for By Popular Demand:

“Truly unusual and genuinely compelling.”


“Like scratchy field recordings gathered from dreams… Unique and soulful.”​ 

- David J

(musical pioneer, founder of the bands

Bauhaus, Love & Rockets)


"Terry Gilliam describes the inspiration for his masterpiece Brazil - sitting on the chemical blackened beach of Port Talbot in the late '70's, imagining tuning into long wave broadcasts of vaguely familiar songs on his rusty wireless. Well, this is what he would have heard- Negovan's voice sounding like dust, tunes out of time, the ethereal humanness missing from the plastic perfection of the digital world."​ 

- Dave McKean

(director of MirrorMask, Luna; legendary graphic novel artist for The Sandman, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Cages)

records available here.

Thomas Negovan @TEDx

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