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Thomas Negovan was born in Chicago in 1971. In the 1990s he began performing as a singer with Three Years Ghost, an ensemble including the rock elements of guitars and drums alongside the classical instrumentation of oboe, violin, and cello. His most frequented and favorite venues were the legendary jazz club The Bop Shop, and the landmark rock venue Schubas. Musicclub Italy proclaimed "Negovan's music is to contemporary music what vapor is to machinery," and nightclub impresario Jerry Suqi described Negovan's acoustic performances as "a chilling mix of Byron, Brahms, and Bowie."

Negovan founded Century Guild in 1999, an art gallery and archive specializing in Art Nouveau and Symbolist Art with locations in Chicago (1999-2013) and Los Angeles (2012-2019.) The gallery held a large footprint at San Diego Comic Con from 2004 to 2015, presenting historical works alongside contemporary artists to a diverse audience of art lovers. The L.A. Times called the gallery "lavishly appointed," Cartwheel Art complimented "It’s a sign of our city’s embrace of art that the country’s leading Art Nouveau and Symbolist gallery has moved here" and L.A. Weekly explained Negovan's devotion to merging exhibition and education by stating "At Century Guild, Negovan isn't just selling art, or even simply displaying it. He's creating the context for it, showing the intersection between fine art, graphic design, home furnishings and film."


As Century Guild enters its third decade, the gallery now exists online with its staff focused primarily on managing large archiving projects and publishing deluxe art history books, and Negovan primarily spending his time on songwriting and film development. Negovan is currently producing the 40th anniversary release of Caligula (Malcolm McDowell, Helen Mirren) by creating an entirely new edit from 96 hours of newly-discovered original footage, translating the 19th century fairy tale Ilseé, Princess of Tripoli and expanding it to include elements from the original sources, and preparing two feature length films.

In 2011 Negovan was the first artist to have recorded and released a song on wax cylinder in nearly a century. Later that year he presented a TEDx lecture on his experiences with archaic recording technologies titled By Popular Demand.​

His first short film, Aurora, premiered in a rough cut on January 13, 2018 at the Century Guild Museum of Art with an accompanying exhibition of original costume designs, tintype photos taken on the set, and original props from the film. The final version premiered was released to the festival circuit in late 2018 and throughout 2019 and 2020, winning numerous awards in America and Japan. The new edit of Caligula (MMXX version) has been completed and will be released in 2023.

Thomas Negovan currently lives and works in the mountains outside of Los Angeles.

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