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Praise for Negovan's 2019 short film AURORA:


"Great art direction and a unique vision... as if David Lynch

or Jodorowsky had directed an episode of The Twilight Zone." 


"An unusual, bizarre movie;

a mysterious film grimoire from a very special being."

- Genesis P-Orridge

(legendary artist and magickal icon)

"Haunting, eerie, and stylish- a hallucinatory collision of time travel, Nazi apocrypha, creatures from Beyond, and the Old West, obliterating the walls between genres to bring a fresh and sophisticated sensibility to the American Weird tradition".

- Grant Morrison

(counterculture icon and psychic revolutionary)

"Eerily fascinating

and genuinely gorgeous."

- Gerard Way

(founder of the band My Chemical Romance, creator and author of The Umbrella Academy.)

"A fascinating homage to 1950s science fiction."

- Neil Gaiman

(literary legend)

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Praise for Negovan's resurrection of the 1979/1980 film CALIGULA

(The Ultimate Cut):

"Because of the brilliant work of Thomas Negovan, one of my best performances has come to light

after 47 years."

- Malcolm McDowell

(cinema icon)

"As quixotic quests go, it’s a doozy: take 96 hours of raw footage filmed during one of the craziest and most tumultuous shoots in movie history and attempt to create a new version of the film described by

Variety on release in 1979 as

'a moral Holocaust.'

Step forward Thomas Negovan: the man who rescued Caligula."

- The Guardian (UK)

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