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“I am honestly in awe of this book. I am almost afraid to open it, let alone write about it. It is profound and beautiful, and is amongst the very few of its kind I cherish; it is a source of beauty and intellectual inspiration...”

— Michael Moorcock

legendary author

and creator of the term "multiverse"

(from his introduction of Thomas Negovan's book Le Pater: Alphonse Mucha's Symbolist Masterpiece and the Lineage of Mysticism)


"Alphonse Mucha is an astonishing genius... Thomas Negovan’s beautiful book is probably my all-time favourite exploration of an artist who brought joy and beauty into the world and– simply put– played his part in making the world a better place."

— Roger Dean

legendary artist and iconic designer

"There's a whole lot of talk about magick and the occult these days, but very few recognize just how much work and artistry go into development of a true sigil. This stunning homage to Le Pater... demonstrates the sort of research, decoding, dedication, and precision required to embark on a mystical journey of this magnitude."


— Douglas Rushkoff

cultural visionary

and creator of the term "social media"


"Yes it's all here: magic, masons, theosophy, heaven and hell, monsters and mirages, metaphysical diagrams, illustrated prayers, fantastical poems and of course marvellous paintings plus pithy commentaries.

Dive deep and apprehend these mysteries my friends, this book is essential stuff."

— Steve Kilbey

poet, painter, and songwriter

(The Church)



A selection of Negovan's literary work can be seen here.  

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